Auto Matching Box

Auto Matching Box

AUTO Matching Box

High-performance Auto Matching Box

Frequency: We can produce between 100kHz~915MHz (Matching Box type will differ by frequency.)
Output : 1kW-50kW(For 13.56MHz)
*Differs by frequency. Refer to RF-GENERAROR product matrix

NRF designs each auto matching box to meet your specifications and equipment. (Customized design)
It is designed to best match your plasma load, corresponding to a wide range, which enables the stable supply of plasma to equipment.


  • ・Corresponds to wide ranging frequencies from LF band to UHF band
  • ・DC superposition auto matching box is also available
  • ・2-frequency and 3-frequency types are available
  • ・High repeatability…digitalization for numerical value management
  • ・Reduced residual reflected power…rated output with low power
  • ・High-speed matching…adopting our own acceleration control
    (corresponding to high-speed pulse)
  • ・Long life….adopting brushless motor
  • ・Full preset function
  • ・With handy controller…stress-free operation

Customized design

NRF’s Auto Matching Box is custom designed to match your specifications and equipment. We design to best match your specific plasma load for stable plasma supply to equipment.

High speed matching

Our developmental technology enables high-speed matching.

Corresponds to multiple frequency superposition

NRF Auto Matching Box corresponds to multiple frequency and DC power supply superposition.


Frequency 13.56MHz±0.01%
Passing power 5kW (maximum current 70Arms)
Input impedance 50Ω
Matching mode Automatic or manual (able to switchover)
Input connector LC female or negotiable
Output Bus bar or negotiable
Cooling system Concomitant use of cool water and cool air
Matching time At preset use within 0.5sec
External analog I/O 0-10.0V
External serial communication RS232C/RS422/Device Net
*Please inquire about corresponding models.
Power 84VAC-220V/24VDC(80VA)