Noda RF Technologies


NRF offers innovative RF technology and contributes to the development of the front line of the electronics industry.


NRF products are adopted in a wide-range of fields.

Our technologies are being adopted by makers employing wide-ranging advanced technologies, including semiconductor production equipment, liquid crystal production equipment (LCD/PDP/LED/organic EL), solar cell production equipment, MEMS production equipment, DLC production equipment, plasma cleaning equipment, thin film and other film production equipment, and more.

Production technology

We transform technologies born from research and development into products. RF-specific production know-how is one of our strengths.

Research and development

We seek to find solutions for new needs. NRF has been putting a priority on research and development since our foundation.
We contribute to the innovation of high-frequency technology with our ingenious ideas. We will continue to develop RF technology that Japan can boast to the world.


NRF features problem-solution type technical support. Our long years of experience and the know-how that we have accumulated will quickly find solutions to your problems.
We accurately capture new underlying needs and reflect them to our research and development.